Join us at the Westlock airport on June 15 from 9am to 4pm (Weather permitting)
Rain Out date: June 22 (watch our Facebook page for updates)

For 20 years, Adeara has worked fearlessly to provide hope, healing and restoration to over 600 women struggling with addiction, poverty, trauma and abuse. But the need is still great with over 6 million Canadians meeting the criteria for a substance abuse disorder. The women at Adeara take a Leap of Faith everyday to change their lives through hope, healing and transformation. Journey with us, participate in Leap of Faith!

You can help them continue their journey of recovery by supporting this event.
Let’s grow forward, together.

Our supporters go to significant heights to help the women of Adeara
Together we made it possible for those affected by tragedy and trauma in their lives to have faith that there will be a brighter tomorrow, that they deserve to have it, and that they are worth making the effort to face their fears and take that leap daily, whatever that looks like for them.” - Charlene Lumsden, past jumper

Join us on Friday June 15th, 2018 to support the 5th Annual Leap of Faith.  Stand with Adeara by becoming an event sponsor or a generous donor by giving to a brave jumper participating in the tandem sky dive from 14,000 feet.