FAQ:  Frequently asked questions

  1. When is the Leap of Faith Event?  Friday June 16th, 2017
  2. What location is the Jump-site?  Edmonton Skydive located at the Westlock, AB. Airport.  About a 50 minute drive from Edmonton.  See the Edmonton Skydive website for easy directions at:  www.edmontonskydive.com  
  3. What time does the Event start?  We're planning morning jumps, followed by afternoon jumps.  However, timing requires a lot of flexibility in skydiving events.  The local weather conditions really dictate timing for safety reasons.  Flexibility is key with the agenda of the day's activities.  We cannot guarantee that the jumps will start on time.  Edmonton Skydive reserves the right to determine the safety of weather conditions at the event and how this affects our schedule for the day.  Every effort will be made to start & end on time as best as possible.  Specific jump times will be TBA.  We ask you to indicate morning or afternoon for your preference at time of registration on our website.  We will do our best to accommodate, however we cannot guarantee specific times
  4. Parking/Car-pooling?  The Edmonton Skydive Club has a reasonable piece of land surrounding their Clubhouse facility.  There is adequate space for parking.  However, being an approx 50 minute drive outside of Edmonton; we would encourage carpooling where possible, plus it’s a lot more fun to travel together!
  5. Age restrictions to jump?  You need to be a minimum of 16 years of age to jump at Edmonton Skydive.  If you’re under the age of 18, you must to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and require a written form of consent by your parent or legal guardian.  Adults 18 years of age and older are good to go!
  6. Washrooms facilities?  The Edmonton Skydive Clubhouse is comfortable building fully equipped with public washrooms for men and women.
  7. Food trucks, coffee, water, etc...?  The Edmonton Dream Centre is pleased to offer a complimentary sponsored BBQ lunch as part of the activities for the day.  Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch.  All will receive complimentary burgers, hot dogs, salads, soft drinks and all the trimmings on Leap of Faith Day.
  8. Awards:  We will be awarding our jumpers with two trophies in the following categories:
    • Top Independent Jumper (highest Fundraising total sales) -   (meet or exceed $1500.00)
    • Top Corporate/Organization Champion Jumper (highest Fundraising total sales) -  (meet or exceed $2500.00).  Winner’s names/Companies names/ will be engraved on the trophies.  Winners receive bragging rights for an entire year.  Trophies will be engraved and returned to the Winner’s for placement in HOME or OFFICE for one year.  Both categories of Trophies will be clawed back by the Edmonton Dream Centre every April of the year in preparation for the following years LEAP of FAITH EVENT, when the trophies will once again be up for grabs!
  9. Entertainment?  Yes, we are excited that once again will be keeping everyone on their toes during the day with Music, Zumba participation, Taekwon-do/self-defence demonstrations & Market Place products and services for sale (with a portion of the Market Place proceeds going directly to the Leap of Faith financial event day goal)
  10. Photography & still photos of my jump?  Are these services available?  YES, what a great keep-sake of your jump experience.  These items are for sale and paid directly to Edmonton Skydive.  More info to follow at:   www.edmontonskydive.com   . 2017 pricing/No increase.
  11. Can I use my GoPro camera for my jump?  No, video and pro photography are supplied exclusively through Edmonton Sky Dive.
  12. What about jump training?  You will be paired-up with an experienced Tandem Jump-Coach.  All Leap of Faith jumps are tandem jumps.  You will receive jump training the day of the event.
  13. Seating, picnic site?  We have minimum picnic tables & seating on-site.  You are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, portable tables to provide comfort through-out the day.
  14. Sunscreen, shelters?  There is an attached canopy area to the clubhouse.  This provides minimal shade from the sun and elements.  You are encouraged to bring umbrellas, hats, etc... to provide shade and comfort.  We recommend you pack sun screen and bug repellent (just in case).
  15. How to dress as a spectator?  Footwear?  The dress for the day is casual and comfortable. Dress in layers and for the weather (this is Alberta; you never know what can happen....right?).   The Edmonton Skydive grounds are a patch work of grass, dirt, gravel. We recommend comfortable footwear i.e. runners.  Don’t forget we’ll be doing some Zumba too, so dress for the day’s activities; you’ll have more fun if you come prepared to participate.
  16. How to dress if I’m jumping? Footwear? If registered as a jumper, you’ll be receiving additional info regarding “dress” in the near future.  Most jumpers dress casual & comfortable.  Runners are most popular with jumpers (no flip-flops).  You may prefer a long sleeve shirt for warmth.  You can always bring another shirt to change if it’s a hot sunny day.
  17. Entertainment for kids? We’ll be doing some Face Painting for little kids (and last year the BIG kids seem to love it too!)  Maybe even some temporary Tattoos for fun. Again, this is intended to be a fun family, work or get-out-of-the-office-day!  Come prepared to have some fun & laughs!
  18. What is the cost of my jump?  The regular jump fees at Edmonton Skydive are $300.00 per person.  As a participant in the Leap of Faith, The Edmonton Dream Centre, partnered with Edmonton Skydive, include your jump fees as part of your pre-set fundraising targets for our event.
  19. Can I make a general donation at the event?  Yes, you can donate to a favorite jumper or make a general donation the day of the event.  We can process donation payment by Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa or MasterCard on-site at the event registration desk.  
  20. What is my deadline for achieving my pre-set fundraising goals in the category I’m registered in?   Your minimum fundraising target should be met by June 9th, 2017, 1 week prior to Leap of Faith Day.  Questions, comments should be addressed to:  Dorine Kielly at:  780-423-5516 or dorine@edmontoncreamcentre.ca
  21. Tax Receipts?  All donations will receive a tax receipt.  Donations made on-line will see the donor receiving an immediate emailed tax receipt.  Donation not registered on-line will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year 2017, usually in February 2018 for a 2017 donation.  Our Edmonton Dream Centre Registered Charity # is:  899611032RR0001